Over the past decade, Central Banks have created massive distortions that have inflated all financial assets. These distortions have fueled an environment where stocks and bonds have never been more expensive, or more correlated. In Gold Is A Better Way, readers receive tools that allow them to measure where these correlations are today, so they can be certain they are making sound investment decisions.

Gold Is A Better Way is a financial guide and popular Member Site written and created for the everyday investor. The title is intended to be both a literal and metaphorical approach to investing and a return to wisdom. Written and created for the everyman to understand, Gold Is A Better Way strips away the confusion and complexities surrounding investing that Wall Street promotes and breaks down investment concepts into simple fundamentals that drive markets. In Gold Is A Better Way, Adam Baratta draws a roadmap for how to win at the game of investing, and more importantly, reveals the ultimate ‘what's coming next, and why" in order for investors to position portfolio's for success in the coming decade.

Gold Is A Better Way offers a new strategy for investors. It makes the case for a return to sound investing as financial conditions around the globe turn from loose to tighter. The book and Member Site turn the strategies recommended by Wall Street on its head and highlight why the traditional recommendations for owning stocks and bonds as diversification is more risky than at any time in history.

About the Author:

Adam Baratta is one of the most dynamic voices in the field of investments and precious metals today. A former award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer. Adam has turned his passions to the investment industry and the pendulum shift he sees coming as inflationary pressures return to the global economy. Adam is the co-owner of Advantage Gold, the highest rated precious metals firm in the United States, and member of the Inc. 5000. 

Adam's first book, Gold Is A Better Way became a national bestseller, making both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, and was the #1 financial book in America when it was published, in August 2018. Adam is currently working on his second book titled, The Great Devaluation, to be released by Wiley Publishing on August 4th, 2020. Adam is the creator of the educational member site, with thousands of subscribers. He can be seen in person at seminars and conferences throughout the country. Adam is happily married and lives in Los Angeles, California.