GOLD: $1,420.78     SILVER: $15.54     U.S. DEBT: $ 22,025,916,805,261.83     GOLD SINCE BOOK RELEASE: $225.90
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A Tale of Two Trees


Mark Twain famously said, "while history may not repeat, it sure does rhyme". Our Tale Of Two Trees is a story that's intentionally simple, and yet summarizes the problems the world faces after decades of debt accumulation.

Every nation in history that has taken on too much debt has had to devalue their currencies and then lost superpower status. the United States has been the world's economic leader for nearly 100 years now. But we are at a tipping point, where our debt is outpacing our growth 3 to 1. This is not a good sign for our long term strength and indicate that the US Dollar is about to devalue significantly.